Ambient under the stars

On the 10th of August we opened the doors to Kvarnbo Kvarn and presented an evening shock-full of Ambient-music talent. AKB, Sakrecoer, Grunditz, Linusolinus, Boulderdash and Max Lodin all gave us their take on what ambient music means in 2019. Hundreds of people joined us during the evening, thank you! see you again next year!

Ambient under the stars microfestival is ambient music played live under the Perseid meteor shower. It has now been held three times. Ambient Under the Stars 2019 was a production by the AUS group (of which the Perseid band is just a part), Uppsala Kommun and Friends of Kvarnbo Kvarn. A huge thank you also to Allusion Film for the video.


We play slow evolving music on electronics and Cello.

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